Apocalypse Survival: Complete Beginner Guide

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Don’t know what and how to prepare when the apocalypse happens?

Here is a newbie guide on how to survive when the apocalypse happens; I am not only talking about the zombie apocalypse survival but also how to survive in the various types of apocalypse and disease outbreaks.

When disease takes place, people often panic and get killed because they didn’t take any safety action immediately.

You need to get yourself prepared for when any of the apocalypses strikes in, even though it only has a tiny percentage chance that it will happen.

We are fortunate we don’t live in an apocalypse era, but that does not mean there is no need to prepare for the apocalypse.

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Nearly 25% of British people have a plan to survive the zombie apocalypse, the survey says

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Pre-apocalypse preparation

Like someone said: “You don’t buy a fire extension when the fire happens; you buy it before anything happens.”

It is very important that you need to prepare in advance before anything happens.

It can be easy to brush any worries off in the belief that the situation is unlikely to happen, but it is best to always prepare for the worst. “Better safe than sorry,” as the saying goes.

And the good news is that you are no longer need to invest a fortune to protect yourself like spending much, so call “Zombie-proof bunker” or buy an over-power expensive weapon.

It is good for you if you are wealthy and can afford this protection, but what if you are not?

Don’t worry, the following guides and tips are going to cost you little to no money.

Apocalypse Survival Mindset:
Pyramid Of Learning For The Survivor

For the very basic, there are basic principles from an essential pyramid of learning for the survivor.

As you can see the pyramid from by the three main components, they are the will to live, knowledge, and kits.

These three things are the key to helping you survive any kind of apocalypse should it occur.

Will To Live


Starting from the bottom and the most foundational is the will to live.

The will to live means the desire to survive, stay strong, and never give up. This is critical because if you don’t have the right mind or thinking so as to keep yourself alive, it is useless even though you have the best knowledge and kits to survive the apocalypse.

Some people have stronger will power than others, but we all can improve it.

Some main motivations to help you improve your will to live include:

  • A future for your children and the youth
  • The survival of others with you
  • The contributions you can make for others (your skills that others lack)
  • Family and loved ones
  • Hope

Above all else, it is important to not lose hope. The apocalypse will be difficult, but know that if you survive there will be a better life waiting for you and the children of the world.

Think about your loved one or somebody you care, to stay motivated to survive.

Some people also use their religion to elevate their will.




On top of the will to live is the knowledge, the more you know, the higher your chances of survival.

Be prepared and learn how to overcome any emergency or dangerous situation.

Get to know more about your current environment. Gather as many resources and intel as you can, either from your experience, observation, or help from the locals.

Gain as much information as possible about the area you are in. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to navigate without the use of your phone or other electronic devices. Become familiar with maps and various survival skills.

Knowledge is power, and without the necessary knowledge you will be stranded. You do not have to become a master of everything, but knowing as much as possible about survival skills will help you significantly.




On top of the pyramid of learning is the kit.

Having the right kit can improve the chance of keeping you alive. 

You will need the necessary tools and supplies to survive. You may have to live without electricity or other helpful modern inventions that you are used to having.

After having the will to live, the knowledge to survive, and now having the essential gears and kits to leverage your journey to overcome the bad situation when doomsday comes.


Prepare Emergency Kit

In TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it), the authorities cannot be everywhere and cannot stop every potential threat, as well as provide all the resources you need for survival.

So help yourself, prepare a bug-out bag for you and also your family.

Only pack items you know you will need, not what you “might’ need.

Modern society is filled with frivolous luxury items, but during the apocalypse it is essential that you let these items go. Having too many things in your kit will weigh you down and make traveling more difficult. 

An emergency kit is a bundle or a pack of things that are used in dealing with an urgent situation. Time is everything, it doesn’t have time for you to pack your stuff when something happens, so you must be prepared in advance.

Start creating your emergency kit today. Make a list of everything you will need to survive without the usual access to grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, electricity, and fresh water. Prepare for the worst, just in case.

As you prepare your kit, make sure that you will be able to travel with it. While you want to have all the essentials, it is equally important that you do not pack too many items.

Keep your emergency packs in a safe location that every member of your household can easily access. Make sure to keep your packs updated so that items with expiration dates are replaced if necessary.

Here are some essential supplies that you should have for your emergency kit.

First Aid Kits & Medication


Even the clinic might stop operations due to the flood, so don’t put on high hopes for the hospital, clinic, or any medical center as they run as usual in the event of an apocalypse.

Even if it does operate during the outbreak; the hospital is going to be very busy. You will likely not have access to outside medical attention and should be prepared to administer first aid yourself.

You need to get yourself a personal first aid kit.

Your local pharmacy has it.

If you don’t want to pack it yourself, you can buy the First Aid Kit from the pharmacy or online store.

A basic first aid kit not that costly, consider it that it can save your life.

Usually first aid kits are being sold on most of the general online stores like Amazon.com, or you can buy from those stores that are specific for selling first aid kits and other surviving tools like First Aid Store


Usually, a set of first aid kits can cost around 20USD to 100USD

You will also want to make sure that you have access to any regular medications that you need. If you take any kind of prescription medication regularly in order to live, you do not want to risk losing access because of pharmacy shutdowns. Be sure you’re stockpiling while you can.

Vitamins and other health supplements are also a good idea to keep with your first aid kit, as staying healthy will be key to survival.

If you wear contacts or glasses, make sure you have the necessary supplies for these items as well. A small kit to fix glasses, glasses cleaner, and contact solution are important to have. Being able to see will help your journey immensely!

Survival kit


Pack some tools and gears that can help you escape during an outbreak.

Keep in mind the survival kit should not be too heavy, so there is the need to plan it well, make the bag as light as possible, and for essential items only.

Choose a bag that is easy for you to carry, such as a hiking backpack or a duffle bag. It should be large enough to fit everything you need and easy to transport. Bags with multiple pockets and storage units are always useful as they can carry more items and provide easier access.

Ready.gov has a guide on how to Build A Kitdo check it out if you want more information on preparing your surviving kits.

Practice With Your Prop

Preparing and buying staff for surviving is the first step, the next step is to practice with your prop, get to know how to use your kits or gears properly.

Make sure you are using it correctly.

If there is anything in your kit that you are unfamiliar with, take the steps to know how it all works as soon as you can. 

Research basic first aid training to prepare for injuries and illnesses. You should know how to use all of the supplies in your first aid kit.

You should also practice using any tools in your kit so that you become well versed before it is a necessity. You can do this easily around your house. Set aside some time on the weekends to practice survival skills and using tools.

Gather Sufficient Supplies

When the world is falling apart, no grocery stores are open because people are busy escaping and surviving.

You might think “well I can just go to the store and grab something since there is no one to operate.”

Unfortunately, you are not the person who thinks like that when the apocalypse happens, everybody is going to rob the nearby store like savages.

Many stores will likely be cleared out quickly, and conflicts over food will certainly arise. It is best to steer clear of this danger.

For preparation, stock up some canned food and dry goods that are sufficient to service you for a few months.

Try to buy can food with low sodium. Eating 3-4 cans of very high sodium foods every day will wreck your body.

Rice is also a great food item to stock up on. It can provide you with many meals and does not expire for many years.

If you are interested in a food supply made specifically for emergencies instead of doing it yourself, many companies exist that specialize in making survival food packs.

You can go buy some “Long Term Emergency Food Supply” from a company like Wise Food Storage.

The video below is the survival food test from Taras Kul. Watch it if you want to know how food made by Wise Company looks and tastes like.

 And another video by TheUrbanPrepper testing the surviving food made by Mountain house.


What do you need to survive the apocalypse?


  • Will to live (Important)
  • Knowledge of surviving
  • Survival food pack/ Canned food
  • First aid kits
  • Water purification supplies
  • Multi-tool (Apocalypse Survival Gear)
  • Pocket knife
  • Pliers/ Wirecutter
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Emergency candles/ Lighter/Matches
  • Duct tape
  • Space Blanket
  • Safety Pins
  • Signalling mirror
  • Whistle
  • Radio
  • Pencil Sharpe
  • Water Purification Kit
  • Bandana
  • Bug Spray
  • Compass
  • Survival books (Guide Book)
  • Flint fire starter
  • Sewing kit

Stay Healthy

The worst thing that happens in the apocalypse event is one being sick; as I mentioned earlier, the clinic and hospital are going to very busy.

It is extremely important to know some basic first aid training – not just for if the apocalypse comes, but just for life in general.

Taking care of your health is very critical.  You will want to avoid sickness and injury at all costs should a world-ending event occur.

In peacetime, you need to start consuming more food with vitamins and other nutrition.

Eat more healthy food and fruit, protein, and vegetables.

Packing vitamin supplements in your survival kit will help keep your body’s vitamin levels in check during times when high-nutrient food is not available.

You will be able to find healthy foods by hunting and gathering. Finding fruit trees will help immensely. You can also catch and eat almost any animal to help with protein intake.

It is also important to stay clean and sanitary. Find water to bathe in, and try to obtain soap. Staying clean and keeping up with hygiene will help prevent infections and illnesses. Even a small fever or cold can become a big problem in apocalyptic circumstances.

Do a body check out once for a while, pay attention to your body BMI (Body mass index), too skinny or too fat also affects your overall health.

You can calculate your BMI using simple math. You only need to know your weight and height. Your BMI = your weight in kilograms/(your height in meters)^2

Weight in kilograms = weight in pounds x 0.45

Height in meters = height in inches x 0.025

Keep a BMI chart with you to make this a simple process. Checking your BMI will help you determine if you are over or undereating, which will keep you healthy. 


What Is BMI

BMI, Body Mass Index, is a measure of body size, It combines a person’s weight with their height.

Get Physical

Even though the apocalypse didn’t happen, you still need to get exercise often.

Sometimes jogging is better than doing nothing. Doing cardio exercise also increases your stamina.

Andy McDermott Fitness has a video about teaching you how to workout in the zombie apocalypse.

It’s easy to work out without any equipment at all. You can use your own body weight, or the environment around you to practice strength and endurance training. This is easy to begin doing in your own home.

Create a fitness routine that involves no added objects. You can do this by:

  • Going for a run 
  • Doing sit ups
  • Doing push ups
  • Doing planks
  • Using found objects as weights
  • Doing partner workouts

Practice Apocalypse Surviving Skill

Learn hunting or fishing


At least learn something that can prevent you from starving.

Know how to take everything possible from nature and use it to the full.

Learn how to use a weapon to hunt your prey, and it also can help you protect yourself from bandits.

You do not need much skill to fish or hunt. Start small and work your way up to larger prey. You can hunt fish in slow rivers and hunt various small birds and rodents.

Become familiar with how to prep and cook hunted animals and fish to avoid food poisoning and other sicknesses. This may not be pleasant, but it is essential. It will also help make you an asset to others during the apocalypse.

Basic first aid skill


It is quite useless if you prepare a first aid kit but do not know how to use it appropriately.

Learning first aid is not that hard, I am not going to say you need to become a doctor, at least some essential skill like healing a wound or preventing infection can save your life in the critical moment.

Most first aid kits will come with instructional pamphlets. Make sure you read it in its entirety. You can also watch videos online to learn how to treat wounds, take care of fevers, and remedy other ailments.

Once you know how to save yourself, you can apply your skill to others, and you become instrumental in the tribe of the group of people that are surviving with you.

Learn how to use a gun if possible


Not every country like the USA can have access to a gun easily, most countries has rigorous weapon control.

So if you are lucky indeed to have a gun or weapon, try to learn how to use it, to protect yourself and others.

Guns are extremely useful for protection and for hunting when necessary. If you have access to a shooting range, go regularly to practice your aim. This can also make you indispensable to a survival group. 

People will likely be in a fight or flight mode when encounters occur and when the apocalypse comes, law enforcement will not be there to help you. Being able to protect your group is important.

Keep your gun locked up and in a safe place before, during, and after the apocalypse to ensure that it does not fall into incapable hands or to other people trying to harm you. Always know and practice gun safety before using these weapons.


Identify edible wild plants

Like I mentioned earlier on the pyramid of learning, knowledge comes into the second place of the most critical part of surviving.

You need to have enough knowledge to identify edible wild plants so that you won’t starve easily in the wild or forest.

Here is the video by AlfieAesthetics which will teach you how to identify edible wild plants.

You should become familiar with the edible plants that are native to your area. Figure out where they are typically located and what they look like. This will help you seek them out when the time comes to find food.

Knowing what plants are unsafe can be equally as important. Learn how to identity plants that are poisonous, both to eat and come into physical contact with. 

Touching poison ivy or eating poison berries without a way to relieve the effects would be a huge problem.

Have A Plan B

It does not always go as planned, and sometimes accidents will happen. You need to think fast. Prepare for the unexpected.

Plan for emergency procedures such as vehicle breakdown, illness, and casualty evacuation.

You should always have a meet-up location in case your group gets split up.

You already prepared a bug-out bag, and maybe you also need to make a Pack of a small survival pouch just in case you can’t manage to carry the main bug out bag. 

This should have just the main essentials and be even more paired down than your original bag.

Bottom line, you should have a strategy for every scenario.

Make sure your group is always aware of the details of your plan so everyone is on the same page. Go over the plans in detail and practice with everyone frequently.



How do you prepare for the apocalypse?

  • Gather sufficient supplies
  • Learn first aid skill
  • Learn hunting skill
  • Learn surviving skill
  • Get Physical
  • Take care of your health
  • Have a plan B

During Apocalypse

Ok, you’ve got no fears, at least you got prepared.

Now move on in the situation when the apocalypse happens (any apocalypse)

The first thing to do is…

Don’t panic; stay calmly on your guard.

And Think Fast.

You need to calm down first before doing anything stupid, and avoid being effected by other people’s stupidity. You need to be careful with other people who can’t handle the situation because they didn’t prepare for this.

The best way to communicate with others who are panicked is to stay calm and ensure them that you have a plan. The more prepared you are, the better they will feel. Take the lead, you know what you are doing. Trust yourself.

Escaping Immediately

Like when you are in a building that is on fire, the first thing is to run out of the area if necessary. Do not forget to help and guide your family or the people under your care.

In certain situations, your home may not be safe due to a disease you’re facing, and it may be threatening the area where you live.

Listen to your local authority or rescue team to know where you are going to hide.

This is when having a map, compass, and radio become essential.

Pack Your Survival Kits & Items

I am glad you’ve already prepared your survival kit before anything happens (in the previous section).

Grab a long-sleeved shirt and some pants; long-sleeved shirt and long pants can protect your body from the environment and prevent it from cold. You should also bring a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the heat and sun.

Grab the survival kit and gear that you prepared earlier. Make sure that everything is easy to carry as you may be in a situation where you can only travel on foot.

Seek Shelter

Go somewhere safe, somewhere that the government or any organisation can provide support. It could be your nearest resident hall, church, sports stadium, pay attention to any emergency broadcast and follow their guide to find shelter.

If you can drive, it is better to use diesel-powered vehicles, because it is easier to find and fuel the gas.

In the event of an apocalypse, you’ll probably want to get out of large cities and towns.

The city cannot function well without electricity.

So find your way to the countryside.

Try to take an escape route to your location that avoids major roads and interstates if possible. These will likely become congested and blocked as more people attempt to seek shelter. You do not want to get stuck in the middle of a crisis.


After you manage to survive, now you need to plan your next move.

Since the ecosystem is different from what it used to be, you or your group of people need to come up with a new ecosystem to survive in for the rest of the days and prevent yourselves from other prey.

The survival food you packed beforehand will become very important when you first settle and are determining your next steps. Make sure you ration out the food you brought so that you do not run out quickly.

Find a food Source

As I mentioned earlier, you need to learn how to hunt, fish, or any skills that can make you gather food and water.

Now the skills are going to come in handy.

You can stockpile food and water.

And also don’t forget to stock some seed, with seed, you can manage to find land and grow it. This will provide you with a long lasting food source.

The emergency food you have will be finished soon so you need to know how to find your food source to keep you alive.

Abandon Market or Store


Look up to the market and convenience store, and they might have some food left, food like canned meat can last longer.

Do not be picky, but make sure you do not take anything that can make you sick.

Try to stock up on canned foods and foods with carbohydrates such as bread, rice, and cereals. 



You can catch fish in the river, and it can become your source of water supplies.

Having a supply of fresh water will be very important. Keep reusable bottles and jugs to fill up at the river regularly.



It provides many sources of edible wild fruit and animals.

A forest also a good hideout place but you need to be careful with other prey or bandits.

Try to find high ground where you can seek out prey and stay out of view from others.

Grow Your Vegetables


Find a suitable land with rich mineral soil and plant your vegetable.

Planting and growing vegetables and fruit can be a lasting source of nourishment if you keep it tended. 

In this way, you don’t need to hesitate to go out of your “safe zone” to seek foods.

Grow Animals for Meat Supplies


Catch some animal alive and feed it, some animals like rabbits can provide decent protein and fat and other minerals.

Chickens can provide both meat and fresh eggs. Keeping a hen around for eggs is a great idea for a continued food source.

Find Salt


Using salt as a food preservative will keep your food lasting even longer.

You can use salt to dry meats and fruits so they will last longer and will not spoil. You will want to find large quantities of salt if possible.

Find & Stock Rice


Rice can last for longer periods around 5 years and up to 30 years if you keep it in an oxygen-free container. It provides enough carbohydrate.

You can survive on two small bowls of rice a day, and rice is very easy to ration out for a group.

What should I eat during the apocalypse?

  • Rabbit meat
  • Emergency pack
  • Canned Food
  • Energy Bar
  • Vegetables
  • Dried Fruit
  • Rice

Become less dependent

There won’t be anything like a complete and quality welfare to “babysit” you, so you need to become stronger and less dependent. This is one of the rules to survive in post-apocalypse.

You must be flexible and be prepared to adapt.

There will be times when you are left alone at your home base, or have to go out alone to find food and supplies. 

To become less dependent, it can be helpful to learn how to defend yourself. You should also always have an escape plan or plan b to get back to your safe zone. 

Find Other Survivors

You will realise that you will not be able to do everything yourself when the apocalypse happens.

Forming a Prepper Group, It is better when people can get together and help each other.

First try to find your beloved, family, relative, or close friend. Usually, they are more trustable then strangers.

Then find a group of people that have agreed to help each other out during difficult times.

Form A Small Tribe


Make a small community so as to keep everyone alive and stay strong.

There are several things you need to consider when deciding if someone is right for your group.

These Factors include:

1. Religious Beliefs

2. What are they prepping for?

3. What do they bring to the table?

4. Their relationship with each other

5. How committed are they?

There is power in numbers. The more people you have in your tribe, the more people will be able to contribute. Having more people also helps with safety as you will become harder for bandits to attack and will have more people to defend your safe zone.

However, you want to make sure that the people you build a community with have useful skills so that they do not become a burden on your resources.

Gather a Useful Gang


It is excellent if inside your group you have:

Medic/ Doctor: To keep you alive and cure your illness or infection . Also good for inevitable injuries that will occur.

Hunter: Hunts animals, may also butcher animals that they hunt.

Military Unit: Protects us; at least they know how to combat and defend in this kind of situation.

Teacher: What if the apocalypse is not going to end anytime soon? We need someone to take on the role of an instructor to teach our next generation.

It is also useful if this person documents your travels and notable events to pass down as a learning tool.

Cook:Prepares food for us. Rations out food properly to avoid waste.

Hardware Builder: Knows how to craft basic structures; it a big plus if they also know how to repair any devices and vehicle.

Farmer:  They know how to grow and take care of food.  It is also useful if this person knows how to butcher animals.

Airline cabin staff:
Airline cabin staffs have been trained and have the knowledge to overcome and resolve urgent situations. They will be able to think quickly and calm everyone down in emergencies or tense situations.To keep you alive and cure your illness or infection

Choose Good Hideout

Hide in plain sight, and people are going to get crazy and rogue. There might be some group of people who become bandits and rob your resources. So keeping it low is a good way to survive.

It also depends on what kind of apocalypse you are facing.

If it is a nuclear holocaust, you should get away from the radioactive area and hide in a bunker or metro.

In viral infection disasters, you need to get away from many people and hide in an isolated island or something.

Consider what kind of defense your hideout location can give as well. Choosing a location with high walls or doors that lock can help your group stay safe and avoid unwanted encounters with other groups or bandits.

You may also be able to find a building that has resources, such as a school or a prison. These locations will have some medical supplies, sanitary supplies, and leisure activities if they have not already been ransacked.

Where do you hide in the apocalypse?


  • An Island
  • Prison
  • Lighthouse
  • Vault
  • Underground Shelter
  • Mountain
  • Subway
  • library
  • School
  • Cave

Congratulations. You have now gained knowledge on how to survive the apocalypse.

I hope you can make it alive when tragedy happens and manage to survive afterwards.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

What surviving skill have you already prepared?

Do you have any plan or tips that I didn’t mention in this guide?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.




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