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With all this talk of the end of the world, you may be wondering, if a zombie apocalypse actually happens, where in the world should I go to have the best chances of surviving?

Perhaps a secure underground bunker, somewhere with plentiful natural resources to prevent starvation?

There are many different choices for surviving an apocalypse and if you can make your way to some of the ideas on this list, then you will have an excellent chance of making it out of the zombie apocalypse alive.

You may have your own ideas about your best zombie apocalypse survival technique, but here are just a few ideas for places to go if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse!

A Secret Underground City in Corsham, England

When the zombies arrive on the surface, you may naturally think that the place the be is underground, away from the chaos happening above.

It may be hard to believe that these sci-fi underground cities actually exist, but they are not just a product of our TV screens! In Wiltshire, there is a 35-acre underground bunker, which can keep 4,000 people safe for up to 3 months without any intervention from life above!

The whole complex is full of modern amenities such as laundrettes, cafes, kitchens, and even a hospital. This seems like one of the best choices to escape the zombie massacre above but think about living with 4,000 people at a time, and what happens when the food runs out? This underground paradise may turn sour very quickly.


Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France

If an industrial underground bunker isn’t your scene, then you may want to opt for a more traditional approach.

Imagine, spending your time in the zombie apocalypse shielded in a fortress on top of a mountain. Assuming these aren’t your super strength, fast-walking video games zombies, you will safe atop the mountain knowing they will likely struggle to get to the top.

Additionally, the fort is shielded by gigantic stone walls and other natural barriers. You will excellent sightlines of the zombies at the top of the tower, so you can be prepared for an onslaught.


Alcatraz Island in San Fransisco, California

You may not think of a highly secure prison when you think of surviving a zombie apocalypse but it is actually one of the best choices for your survival.

If the prison can keep prisoners in highly secured containment, then it can definitely keep the zombies out.

There is plenty of living space and it is well equipped for your day-to-day needs.

High walls will be difficult for zombies to climb and they’d have to get across the sea to the island in the first place!

Additionally, on the island stands a lighthouse which makes an excellent viewpoint to see the oncoming zombie hordes making their way across the sea.

The caveats of this choice are that it will be difficult for you to get onto the island in the first place and if zombies were to get on, then you’d be trapped on a small island with zombies, with little chance of escape.


Secret bunker in Scotland

Another bunker on this list appears in Scotland.

Existing 100 feet below an ordinary-looking farmhouse, this bunker is so inconspicuous that it will not be noticed.

This bunker was built to shelter government officials from a potential nuclear site. At the minute it is a cold war museum, but there is plenty of room for anyone that needs it.

The bunker is still equipped to contain humans and its air filtration system can provide 1500 cubic meters of fresh air per minute.

Additionally, housing some military vehicles will be excellent should the zombies make their way into the bunker.


Sea Forts in Maunsell, England

Another one on this list protected by water, the sea forts on the Thames Estuary make an excellent hiding place from the zombies.

These forts are propped up on stilts, so they are very high above the water level.

At the moment they are in a sort of a state of decay, but a little extra fortification and they would make an excellent choice for seeing out a zombie apocalypse.

So long as you are stocked up this should make an excellent hiding place, otherwise, you might be stuck trying to do fishing in the choppy waters below.


Korowai Tree Houses in Kia Indonesia

If you are seeking out shelter in the apocalypse on the other side of the world, then you might seek shelter in the Korowai Tree Houses.

Set in a lush forest in Indonesia, these homes on stilts give a great vantage point when looking for oncoming zombies.

The way up to these treehouses is by a single notched pole which would make it difficult for zombies to make their way up.

The treehouses are very isolated and camouflaged, so the zombies may not even see you in the first place.


Former Federal Reserve Nuclear Bunker is Culpeper, Virginia

Another remnant of the wars past is this nuclear bunker in Virginia. Highly fortified metal doors and vault will seal you in away from the zombies.

This bunker has 12-inch concrete walls that are reinforced by steel and are buried 4 feet underground.

This shelter has been designed to house up to 540 people and provide enough food for 30 days in case of an apocalypse.

The only problem is what happens when the 30 days are up. Will they have to send someone up in search of food?

How will society exist if the zombie apocalypse goes on for a long time?


Overall, these are some of the places where you have the best chance of getting out a zombie apocalypse alive.

If you choose to outlive the zombies then what might life look like on the surface when you get out? Either way, by sheltering yourself away in some of the world’s best shelters, you have become the survivors, so well done!

Whether it’s an underground bunker, an island surrounded by deadly waters or a castle or treehouse up high, whatever your preference is, you will be the ones to say you got through it!

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