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How To Draw Out Infection From A Bug Bite

Were you recently bitten by a bug? Do you think it might have been infected? What do you do to draw out infection from an infected bug bite? All these and many more questions are probably running through your mind right now about dealing with bug bites and any associated

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Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen? Our culture is teeming with stories of zombies roaming the Earth, from Tv shows, comics, movies, to religion. Yet, many people who pay attention to such tales never actually believe it could happen. It is, after all, a fiction of the imagination, right? How

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apocalypse survival guide

Apocalypse Survival: Complete Beginner Guide

Don’t know what and how to prepare when the apocalypse happens? Here is a newbie guide on how to survive when the apocalypse happens; I am not only talking about the zombie apocalypse survival but also how to survive in the various types of apocalypse and disease outbreaks. WHAT EXACTLY

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