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Every person who lives the EDC lifestyle should keep a flashlight with them. A flashlight is an essential part of both emergency and regular everyday carry kits. The usages for flashlights is almost endless, ranging from having to search for your car keys in your messy bag to taking an emergency trip up to the attic. If you ever find yourself out at night in a dark location, having a flashlight on your person will help you navigate around without having to drain the battery off your phone.

When purchasing a device, you should keep a variety of factors in mind. Look for an EDC light that balances pocketability, durability, and reliability. You’ll also want to make note of how many lumens that the device can produce.

If you’re looking to be savvy with your EDC kit, then you’ll also want to find a high-quality portable torch for a cheap price. Check out our picks below. From this list, you’ll be able to find the best EDC flashlight under 30!


Streamlight 66608 250 Lumen Microstream 

Streamlight has been in the EDC torch business for years, and its flashlights are functional for both outdoor and indoor purposes. The Microstream USB portable flashlight has a variety of factors that earned it a place on the best EDC flashlight under 30 dollars list. First, the device is rechargeable and included with the device, saving you the additional cost of constantly having to buy new batteries. Second, the frame has a clip attached, meaning that you can put the light onto your hat and complete hands-free tasks.

The Microstream USB has a multi-function push button at the back end, weighs 1.2-ounces with the battery, and is easily stored in a pocket or small EDC bag.

Lumens: 250 (high power mode) 50 (low power mode)

Material: Metal

You can get the Streamlight 66608 250 Luman Microsteam online!


Streamlight MicroStream

Another Streamlight device makes the list, because the company is dedicated to its work. The Microstream Ultra comes with a rechargeable battery and weighs just over 1 ounce (ca. 30 cm³). If you’re looking for an EDC device that includes an unbreakable and scratch resistant polycarbonate lens, you’ve come to the right place.

You can clip the torch to your hat for hands-free tasks. Plus, the Streamlight flashlight is water and impact resistant.

Lumens: 45

Material: Aluminum

Go online to purchase the Microstream Ultra here!


WUBEN 1200 Lumens LED Flashlight 

WUBEN has been around since 1981 as a company dedicated to providing EDC devices that you can bring out into nature and also utilize inside your home. The WUBEN LED flashlight is another option that provides a ton of benefits packed into the small metal frame of a portable torch. The device is waterproof, impact resistant, and has five unique modes for your usage.

The battery is rechargeable and once inserted only brings the weight of the light up to 4.87 ounces (0.14 l). If you’re looking to add a torch to your emergency EDC kit, the WUBEN LED is durable and long-lasting. Plus, the power level will keep you safe should you get lost in the middle of the woods.

Lumens: 1200 maximum

Material: Aluminum Alloy

The WUBEN 1200 Lumens LED Flashlight is available for purchase here!


RovyVon A1x Upgraded Keychain Flashlight Rechargeable, 650 Lumens, Cree XP-G3, EDC Flashlight

RovyVon has been crafting EDC devices for a while, focusing on portability and multi-functionality. The Keychain Flashlight fits in the palm of your hand and manages to provide a bright shine when powered on. Not only is the torch impact resistant, it’s also less than one ounce in weight. You won’t even notice it on your keychain.

The device comes with a battery that you can charge via USB cable. Plus, the emergency strobe function is hidden, so you don’t waste power when you’re just trying to get the right stream of light. If you have a preferred setting, the memory mode will help you save time.

Lumens: Up to 650

Material: Metal

The RovyVon Keychain Flashlight is available here!



With LUMINTOP you get high-quality flashlights that are best used in your emergency EDC kit. The it is pocket-sized and fits right on your keychain. Plus you can either click the tail end or twist the device to go through the five power modes available. The torch is impact resistant and weighs less than an ounce.

The LUMINTOP light takes both AA and 14500 batteries depending on what functionality you want to have. You can take the light up to 6.5 feet (ca. 2 m) under the water for a variety of adventures.

Lumens: Up to 650

Material: Aluminum

Find the LUMINTOP EDC light here.


Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight Battery-Powered Handheld Pen Light

Hatori is a company dedicated to making flashlights that fulfill every EDC requirement. The Mini LED Flashlight is no exception. The device fits in your pocket, comes with a hat clip, and takes one AAA battery.

You use a tail switch to flip through the various power modes available. The pocket sized torch is water resistant so long as it isn’t put directly into the liquid. The light is LED, and provides ample coverage for both outdoor and indoor EDC activities.

Lumens: 150

Materials: Aluminum

The Hatori Mini LED Flashlight is available here!


Live an EDC Lifestyle Without Breaking The Bank

You don’t have to go all out in terms of money to get a decent tactical flashlight. You can find what you need on a budget. The six torches listed above are a round up list, and non-exhaustive.

Plus, you’ll want to consider batteries and additional features such as shock and water proofing.

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