Best Essential Foods to Grow for Survival

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With everything that is happening around the world today, it’s no longer impossible that the apocalypse might soon happen. Hopefully, it will not be the end of the world yet so that there will still hope for survival. In this note, you might want to consider prepping up already so if ever a disaster strikes, you will have enough food for you to stay alive.

One of the most needed for your survival is to store as much food as you can. Make sure that you have all the necessary food items. In case something bad happens and you can’t go out anymore to buy your groceries from grocery store you still have something to eat.

However, what if it lasted longer than you expected and ran out of food supply? The best thing to do is to have food to grow for survival. If you no longer have the ability to just buy anything out there, it’s the best solution for you. At least when all your stocks have been consumed, you can still harvest your own food.

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It didn’t require you to have a massive field to start prepping foods for survival. All you need to have is enough space so that you can gather some seeds to plant. It can even be in garden pots depending on your preference. Here’s the list of the best foods you can grow for survival so that you can have them all before any disaster hits near you. [Also read doomsday food prepping]


Calories & Nutrition

You need to take calories & nutrition into consideration while planning which food to grow

You need to know the amount of calories that you need daily for survival. You don’t want to go into starvation mode as it will be harmful for your health.

Benefit of Gardening/ Planting

Besides survival, gardening also helps your health because it gives you fresh air & sunlight so that your body can have the necessary vitamins & minerals.

Planting food here will also lessen the financial burden you might experience when disaster strikes at home or work.


Green Beans

This is one of the most staple survival foods to have. It can be stored when it’s dried and will last a long time. You can also preserve them so that you can have food during the winter. Beans are packed in nutrients so that you can stay healthy to survive these times. It can also make you feel full with just a cup so you can make sure that you can feed the entire clan while waiting for the disaster to pass.


Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

You can boil it, mash it or even fry it and it will still taste good. It can also tolerate any climate so that it’s excellent survival food. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, can be a good source of carbohydrates. Both are energy-giving food so that you can be ready physically in case you need to deal with other physical activities.



The best thing about growing carrots is that it can grow even in the cold weather. This can be a healthy snack itself and you no longer have to cook it for you to eat. It’s also a good source of beta-carotene so you can still keep your healthy eyesight after all the catastrophe that happens.



It’s one of the easy growing types of crop and you can store it easily after harvesting them. Plus it’s also nutritious and you can always make onion rings while trying to survive. You can store a bunch of them and you can just mix it with any of your dishes.



Broccoli can be the most nutritious food that you can have especially during the apocalyptic times. You need all the strength you can have in case you have to start fighting zombies along the way. Since it’s packed in vitamins and also a good source of protein, you can make sure that you will have a strong body in case you need it.



All it needs is water and sunlight to grow. Once harvested, you can preserve it to make spaghetti or other tasty dishes. It can also be eaten uncooked so that you can also make some tomato salad out of it. You can harvest a lot of tomatoes with just one pot.


Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Not just because you are stuck in your house means that you don’t need herbs to cook. Even if you are facing hard moments in your life, home-cooked meals still taste better with herbs on them. Plus you may need to make some herbal medicine for common ailments. Since you don’t have any access to your local drugstore anymore, it’s a good idea to have medicinal plants as well.


Sweet Corn

One of the best foods to grow for survival is corn. Since it can be a good source of calcium protein and iron in one. Plus you can also dry it so you can store them for colder months. That way, you can still have some popcorn to snack on while waiting for better days to come. It can also be used as chicken feed if you have them around.



If you want to still eat meat, then this is the best food to grow for survival. It’s perfect to feed your livestock and yourself. You can make flour out of it so that you can make bread and pastries. Or you can also make your own survival beer out of it.



Zucchini is often being ignored as foods for survival. It requires minimal attention so you can just let it grow without too much effort. Since it’s very rich in vital nutrients, it makes a good survival food so you can still have your health intact.

Winter Squash

Why winter squash is best food to grow for survival

It is easy to grow in most climates, has a great variety of uses, and tastes delicious. Winter squash is ideal for food storage and uses in cooking.


One ingredient that you can cook with a number of different dishes is spinach. Spinach is incredibly versatile and easy to grow at home as well. It’s nutrient rich, contains vitamins A and important minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron.


There is cabbage that has been around for centuries and it raises the level of human energy. We can use cabbage in many ways such as either its juice or whole form, but we need to know which cabbage is best so we choose the right one: Leafy green chinese cabbage (also known as Napa Cabbage) is a good choice.


Kale is one of the most nutritious foods you can have to eat. kale contains almost every type of nutrient, including vitamin A, C and K as well as B6 & B12. It also helps absorb all kinds of minerals so that they are more able to be absorbed by our body for better nutrition levels.



Prepping for possible disasters is better than waiting for a miracle to happen. Survival is possible especially if you have enough food supply. Since store-bought items may last for a couple of weeks, it’s not guaranteed until when everything will get back to normal again. By start your own survival garden and growing your own food supply, you can make sure that you can withstand any disasters.

Growing these foods for survival isn’t just for apocalyptic times. It can also help you save your wallet from losing a lot of money. It’s best to have this food ready especially if you have a spot for it anyway. Since disaster strikes when you least expected it, you can be ready with all the food from your garden. You will most likely to survive and don’t die from starvation in case of a huge disaster.



What Every survivalist should grow?

1. Cannabis

2. corn

3. cucumbers

4. blackberries

5. tomatoes

6. watermelons

7. onions

8. lemons

9. garlic

What is the easiest food to grow?

1. Potatoes

2. potatoes

3. pumpkins

4. chard

5. lettuce

6. corn

7. beans, peas, and lima beans


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