10 Types Of Apocalypse That Could Happen (Again?!)

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Apocalypse is a topic that drives us insane with fear.

Deep inside we know it too well.

Yet no one wants to talk about it. A dark future is looming over us, and talking about our final destination can give us a perspective of what to expect and how to survive.

There have been predictions, prophecies, and theories about the end of the world.

At first, it was all about one type of apocalypse, documented by the Revelation of John.

Today we have many doomsday threats.

It’s all enough to make your head feel like its spinning, and numb your senses with fear.

Come to think of it; there are a lot of vulnerabilities to life on our planet.

Doomsday destruction could happen from many angles.

The world shall probably witness many different types of apocalypses wrapped into one.

This post delves in to explore the various possibilities that all human life could end on planet Earth.

1. Technology Fails



Do you know that the tech we love so much could be the end of us someday?

Someone might wake up one day and click a button that sets into motion the end of the world.

The way we cannot live technology has made us like zombies.

One massive glitch could lead to darkness, annihilation and the end.

As it is, the internet is one of the possible breaking points for the world.

Think of all the things that run on internet technology today; the stock markets, the hospitals, the military, and the education system.

If all these come to a sudden stop, millions of lives will be affected negatively.

There is a possibility that one day someone will create a virus so advanced that it will manage to break past all cybersecurity barriers and crash the internet.

Another way this plays out is that the world’s power grids could crash.

That would plunge the world into darkness.

Death will be on hospital beds and on the streets when cars smash into each other, and when looters, serial killers, and other villainy people come out to rule the night.

The apocalyptic blackout, in this case, might be a result of hackers or an innocent human error.

Imagine what it would be like if there were a massive attack on water supplies.

It is not just a figment of imagination anymore; in 2011 it became too real when there was a cyber-attack on the Illinois water plant.

That goes to show that water is one of the critical infrastructures that might be targeted by apocalyptic villains. The world would then end in slow agony.

2. Nuclear Holocaust



We all dread the nuclear end. It is the dirtiest, the ugliest and the most painful one if it ever comes to pass.

The US’s dirty bomb on Japan in 1945 birthed new fears.

The way millions of lives could be snuffed out in an instant was baffling.

If every country in the world develops nuclear technology someday, and if ever there is war again, all the population of the world and all living things could be obliterated by one push of a button.

Unlike in mythical and religious apocalypse theories, the nuclear apocalypse leaves no room for a new world.

Nothing can grow or survive again in the hot ashes that will remain in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. There would be massive, violent and rapid shockwaves, searing fireballs and invisible radiation that would result in extensive destruction.

Think that’s an exaggeration? It is not. At the moment, the advanced nuclear weapons in possession by the US currently are 75% more than the one dropped in Hiroshima in 1945.

If one of these bombs dropped in anywhere, there would be death 11 km from the center of the strike.

The annihilation could start from a single human error or a faulty switch in one country.

What follows would be retaliation from an equally powerful state. It could also be conflict escalation between two or more countries.

There are now nine countries that have full nuclear weapons. Even though the number of atomic weapons in the world has dropped from 70,000 during the cold war to the present day14000, it is still enough to end life on the planet.


3. Virus Infection



There are little known biological entities that stalk every ecosystem on the planet.

Scientists estimate that the number of viruses on earth is 800 million per every square meter!

These little monsters can invade all types of organisms and travel fast across the continents.

Since the beginning of time, infectious diseases have wiped out large human populations.

Case in point is the 14th-century plague which killed nearly half of Europe.

Other viruses that have wreaked havoc with countless deaths include the Ebola virus and the bird influenza virus.

Even with advancements in the field of medicine, we still struggle against these two deadly pathogens in the 21st century.

The Black Death killed 75 million people in Europe and Asia in just four months.

At that time the population of the world was estimated to be 450 million. Before that, much more catastrophic infections had rocked the world.

Climate change, population surges, and urbanization are expected to bring about new unknown infections.

Today we also have a new threat – the super virus.

These are mystery virus strains that have been hardened through time to become resistant to anti-virus drugs.

Either way, scientists believe that because of the superbug and the super virus, diseases that humans once conquered could re-emerge.

Think about this for a second, because of global warming and the melting ice caps; researchers have unearthed the DNA of an over 40,000-year-old gigantic Siberian virus.

The end would be so awful if these old viruses emerge.


4. Zombie Apocalypse



When you were a kid, you could not stand in a graveyard alone at night.

No one could. Deep inside humans know that zombies could spring out of nowhere.

That the undead could walk on the phase of the earth ripping souls and eating brains.

That is a possible scenario of how the end times would be.

Experts estimate that a zombie uprising would tear down the Earth’s population to about 273 in just 100 days.

Believe it or not, there could be a parasite that will infect most people and turn them into a vampire or cannibalistic zombies.

Toxoplasmosa gondii, a parasite which infects rat and causes them to run towards their predators, has now affected most human beings.

An evolved version of this parasite could cause insanity, and drive people towards murder, suicide, and mayhem. A mutation of the rabies virus would also have the same effects.

Biological weapon manufacturers could also capitalize on such parasites and viruses that turn humans into zombie-like creatures.

There are also neurotoxins that can be used to clinically ill’ people, but in this case, they can be brought back to life with drugs like datura stramonium. The victims lose their memories and all sense of humanity- they remain to be in a trance-like state.


5. Alien Invasion



Ahh! Aliens are the stuff of the movies, right? No.

Unfortunately, we are staring into the face of death every time we look up at the sky.

Millions of unknown beings could fall on us any minute and wreak havoc as they try to establish dominance on planet earth.

Right now we only know so little about the moon and Mars.

Think of all the many planets that could be out there and the creatures that inhabit them. Science is still many light years away from unearthing these mysteries.

One day massive space ships might appear in the sky as oblong creatures descend in a fury.

Humans will stand no chance against aliens and their advanced weapons.

The world would go down in a whimper.


6. Natural Disasters



The end of the world is nigh if natural disasters tell us anything.

There have been devastating heat waves in Europe and America.

Earthquakes have also been killing thousands of people all across the world from Mexico to Indonesia.

All these omens could signify the end of the world as we know it, experts warn.

Change is happening fast.

At the moment the scale of impact could be negligible, but soon no one might survive the natural calamities.

More earthquakes and devastating ones are coming.

We are also staring at volcanic eruptions, increased flooding, cyclones, and heat waves among others. A natural disaster apocalypse won’t be a jovial scenario to live through.


7. Biblical Apocalypse



John wrote the prophecy many centuries ago.

It is said that no-one except God knows when the world will end.

Nonetheless, the Good Book mentions the signs to watch out for- when it is about to rain, you won’t miss the signs. Right now it is about to rain heavy apocalyptic torrents.

Nations will rise against countries in wars.

You will also see false Messiahs and the anti-Christ. Earthquakes, disease, and famine will be a common occurrence.

Much of what is said in the bible is already happening.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it. There is moral decay in the world, selfishness, conceit and too much love for pleasure.

There are signs in the sky, eclipses and blood moons. The end has started.

But more terrifying signs are imminent.

The Bible foretells that people will sigh and faint in fear, stars will fall from the sky, the sky will darken, and the moon will become red as blood.

Then the great tribulation will start.

“For then there will be a Great Tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall.” The Beast will rule with mayhem. There will be famine, distress, calamities, plague, and heavenly disturbances.


8. Asteroid / Comet / Meteor Apocalypse



NASA and other space monitoring organizations have increased warnings of doomsday meteorites or asteroids crashing into the earth.

An impact like that could have the far-reaching consequence that would bring about the end of the world.

NASA estimates that there are now 788 asteroid and meteorites near the earth. On top of that, 136 comets could crash into our planet any time.

In 2018, a 100m wide space rock came out of nowhere and barely missed the earth’s surface.

In 2013, a meteorite blast above central Russia left 400 people injured. The shower of burning rocks hit six towns.
When the massive comet or asteroids land they will eject a significant amount of dust water or other materials that will block the sun’s radiation from reaching the earth.

The global temperatures would then reduce drastically, killing many species on the planet.

This apocalyptic scenario also entails falling debris from the sky, shrapnel and hot rocks hitting people and other living things.


9. Plagues


From a biblical point of view, seven last plagues are looming over the future of the earth.

The diseases are known as bowls filled with God’s wrath in the book of Revelations. These will get unleashed over the globe as punishment for sinfulness among humanity.

The first bowl of plagues will cause sores and agony for all those that have the mark of the beast or follow him.

The second plague will cause the sea to become blood, and everything in it will die. The rivers and springs will also turn into the blood after the third plague.

The fourth plague is predicted to cause massive heat waves while the fifth plague would bring about darkness, sores, and agony.

The sixth plague would cause rivers to dry up while the 7th one would be associated with thunder, lightning, noises, and earthquakes of magnitude higher than any that have occurred or will ever occur on earth.


10. Societal apocalypse



Do you know what else apocalypse that could happen to end the world? Societal collapse – it would be the end of all human civilization.

The fall of culture might be sudden or happen over some time. Similar events happened before.

The Mayan civilization came to an abrupt stop while the Roman Empire died slowly.

Causes of the societal apocalypse could include economic collapse, social-cultural changes, and environmental factors among others.

The societal failure could also be caused by natural disasters such as tsunamis, over-population and resource depletion.

The clock is ticking fast.

The Apocalypse is real, and the sad fact is that humanity doesn’t want to talk about it.

But with knowledge and a will to live, you can survive.

If you start preparing early, you have a better chance of outmaneuvering most of these apocalyptic scenarios.


Wrapping It Up


What are the different types of Apocalypse?

Technology Fails
Nuclear Holocaust
Virus Infection
Zombie Apocalypse
Alien Invasion
Natural Disasters
Biblical Apocalypse
Asteroid / Comet / Meteor Apocalypse
Societal apocalypse


What is an apocalyptic event?

The word Apocalypse itself is the Greek term for revelation, but this word has gone on to refer to the end of days, end of the universe, the impending doom that all or most of mankind cannot escape. Religion, science, and fiction all have their beliefs on how life on earth will come to an end.


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