10 Best Self Defense Tools For Women (2022)

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Are self-defense tools really necessary? What are the best self-defense tools for women? When you think about it for a second, you really don’t realize how dangerous the world is if you’re living in a country that’s super safe, or you’ve never been a victim. For the privileged parts of the world, such as in countries like Finland, Singapore, and Iceland, crime rates can be as low as 16.3%.

Others in more dangerous parts of the world experience crime daily like we experience the sun. Things get even scarier knowing that women and children carry a painted bull’s eye on their backs. Violence, sexual assault, and attacks on women are among the most common crimes in both developed and developing countries, even in the United States of America.

So how can women protect themselves in a world that seemingly makes them feel unsafe? This is where the art of self-defense and the use of self defense accessories for women come in handy.

1. Pepper Sprays.

Probably one of the most iconic self defense tools, the pepper spray is an effective tool for women to ward off attackers who try to ambush them in secluded places. Whether you’re walking in the park at night, trying to get into your car at the parking lot, or walking down a dark alley, having pepper spray in your bag is very important.

A woman’s trusty best friend, pepper, can be sprayed into the eyes of unsuspecting assailants to impair him or her visually. At that moment, the assailant will be immobilized, giving you enough time to flee the scene and call the police.

Unlike guns and forearms with strict local gun laws, Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states. However, there are some regulations on what types of pepper sprays can be used, the strength of the sprays, and the size of the pepper spray canister. There are tons of different types and hybrids of pepper sprays for you to choose from, and it all comes down to personal preference. Some unique pepper sprays come with an inbuilt alarm system and strobe lights. These added security features immediately kick in

when the pepper spray is activated.

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2. Honeycomb Hairbrush Concealed Dagger.

The Honeycomb Hairbrush Concealed Dagger looks like a simple hairbrush, but this women’s self defense weapon also acts as a sheath that conceals a highly effective dagger. Yeah, you read that correctly! We’re talking real-life assassin-style dagger sitting right there in your handbag.

The 8-inch dagger is made from fiberglass and has a ½” thick cruciform cross-section. It comes with a wonderfully crafted handle that enhances your grip when you hold the dagger. The lethal dagger comes in handy when you have to defend yourself against close-range attacks from assailants, so it’s important you learn techniques to help you handle this tool better. As a hairbrush, it can easily fit into your purse, a woman’s handbag, or travel luggage. Its portable and lightweight design makes it the ideal self-defense weapon for women.



3. Self Defense Key Ring

How powerful and deadly are your punches? Certainly not as badass as those of two-time unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. So how can you increase the impact of your punches when you try to defend yourself against assailants? The answer lies in self defense rings.

This lightweight self defense weapon has a specialized pointed tip that forms automatically protrudes when you form a fist. This takes on a claw-like form that can be used to inflict damage to your

assailant. The best part is that the self defense ring is easy to use. All you have to do is slip the ring on your finger before you take that scary walk at night, and you immediately feel secure.

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4. Pen Knife or Tactical Knife

As a woman, you simply can’t go around with a kitchen knife in your hand bag. No, no, no, those are meant to stay in your kitchen and could make you seem like a serial killer. But knives are excellent tools for self defense and can inflict a lot of damage when appropriately handled.

A Tactical knife or a pen knife is a knife, unlike your bogus kitchen knife that’s designed to have a variety of uses in a variety of emergency situations. They look nothing like a typical kitchen knife and come in a variety of shapes and designs. For example, a pen knife looks a little smaller and pen-like but still effective enough to inflict a cut when used correctly.

The pen works like a normal functioning pen you would take with you to work and can be put in your handbag, clipped to your jacket, and easy to carry around.

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5. Tactical Pen.

It looks like a normal fancy pen, works like a normal pen, and feels like a normal pen, but wait! Tactical pens, also called Self Defense Pens, are practical tools for women to carry in their purses or handbags. At first glance, they appear to look ordinary but are defensive weapons capable of stopping attackers or assailants who try to take advantage of you from close range.

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6. Lipstick tube Stun Gun.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a lipstick stun gun is a well-disguised stun gun that works like every other stun gun in the market; they stun your attackers, leaving them incapacitated.

It’s important to note that the lipstick stun gun doesn’t work as a regular lipstick, so you can’t just put it on your lips. They’re just well designed to look like a lipstick and can easily be placed in your purse, bag, or pocket. It can easily be recharged and comes with a flashlight for navigating dark paths as you walk in the evening or the dark.

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7. Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun.

While it’s advised that every person should carry a flashlight in their bags for safety purposes, imagine having a flashlight that could function as a regular flashlight, but have the ability to function as a powerful stun gun.

Thanks to technology, stun guns are powerful enough devices and utilize high voltage to impair a target. All you need to do when you find yourself being attacked is to touch your assailant with the device’s electrical prongs, and you will immediately immobilize that person.

As versatile as self defense tools can be, the Flashlight Stun Gun is one tool every woman should make sure to include in her bag and luggage wherever she goes. It’s important to consider getting a high Amperage stun gun if your goal is to strongly incapacitate your assailant. The higher the amps, the more potential to incapacitate an attacker very quickly.

One quick recommendation I can make for a reliable stun gun is the Runt Stun Gun. This powerful device is capable of delivering 20 Million volts and 4.5 Milliamps to your attacker, and trust me, that’s more than enough juice to hijack his/her nervous system. It’s easy to conceal and can be unnoticeable in your hand.

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8. Taser Device.

Many people confuse Stun guns and Tasers, but while these two function basically the same way, they are two utterly different self defense products for women. A taser differs from a stun gun because of its range.

With a taser, you can ward off and incapacitate attackers that are some distance away from you, up to 15 ft. That is not possible with a stun gun because you need to be right next to your attacker.

Because Tasers function more like a gun than Stun guns do, they only give you one attempt to immobilize your attacker, while you could try multiple times consecutively to stun your attacker with a stun gun.

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9. Tactical Keychain.

There are super cute key chain on the market that are irresistible, but a tactical keychain is no ordinary keychain. It’s capable of various functions that make the tactical keychain a perfect self

defense tool for women. There are keychain self defense alarms that you can strap onto the key rings for added safety. Others are made using durable plastic and resemble good old fashioned brass knuckles with spikes on the outside.

Simply slip your fingers into the holes of the keychain, and you have yourself a tough brass knuckle-like tool that you can use to punch the life out of your assailant.

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10. Personal Safety Alarm/ Siren/ Whistle.

While it’s crucial for you to learn how to defend yourself when you come face to face with danger, it’s important to remember that there’s honor in calling for help. This is where carrying a personal safety alarm device comes in handy.

These alarm systems can produce audible sounds as high as 130 decibels and can be carried easily in pockets, purses, and handbags. All you have to do is push a button or a trigger and watch the alarm go off.

Some of it is also a gps location tracking device with multiple features. It can be used in a dangerous situation as well to keep track of where you are at all times and also making your gps location to the other people who may have an interest in it so that they know where you are for safety monitoring purposes.


Mace usually comes in an aerosol spray can, which makes it easy to carry and use.

12.Flare Safety Bracelet with compact

A bracelet can be a good defense because your weapon is right in reach at all times, In addition, the bracelet can be used to block an attacker’s fist, arm or leg from striking you.

13.Smart Personal Alarm App For Women

The alarm is connected to an app called BBguarder via Bluetooth. When you pull out the ring it will set off the alarm.


To ensure the safety of the lives and property of women worldwide, it’s important that women are encouraged to possess one or more of these 10 self-defense products in their handbags, purses, and pockets to protect themselves.

Always remember that “safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.” The more intentional you are about being safe, the better prepared you’ll be to face whatever evil the world has lurking in any dark corner you find yourself in today.

The peace of mind that comes with self defense tools helps the users in facing danger and reducing the fear of being attacked.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can women do for self-defense?

Take a self-defense class to learn how to be more assertive, what to do in different situations, and how to defend themselves.

Women can carry pepper spray to defend themselves.

Safety measures, like locking doors and windows, turning lights on, avoiding isolated areas at night.

Allow a friend to walk with them or stay on the phone while walking to their car or home at night.

What is the best self-defense weapon besides a gun?

The best self-defense weapon is a can of pepper spray because it will incapacitate an aggressor and has been found to be more effective than weapons and physical resistance. It is also lawful for carrying in all 50 states.

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