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Do you need a tactical backpack to pack for your travels but don’t want to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for it? Then you’ve come to the right place for help.

The ability to pack up and get going in a matter of minutes or hours is something that people often take for granted. Whether you have to hit the road for urgent business, pack for the impending apocalypse, or only going to explore the great outdoors Indiana Jones style, getting a backpack for packing all your gear, tools, clothes, supplies, food, water purification system, a navigation system, etc., is crucial. But why is a tactical backpack necessary? Can’t you use your regular backpack for these?


Why Do You Need A Tactical Backpack?

What makes a backpack tactical? The answer is simple: it has to be durable. Yeah, I’m talking military-grade durable, able to withstand the harshest possible environments without wearing out. The best tactical backpack is perfectly suited for long-distance hiking, military deployment, and other high-activity ventures that involve a lot of running, jumping, and climbing.

When fully packed, many regular backpacks won’t survive the rigors of these heavy duty activities and could be ripped apart. As a plus, many come with specially designed hydration bladder for holding water in style and have compatibility for power banks, external ports for nozzles, radio antennae, or earphones.

Regardless of the nature of the type of activity you’re setting out to do, there’s no denying the fact that a tactical backpack will significantly increase your carrying capacity and provide you with the best possible experience.

Are you searching for the best tactical backpack that’s super affordable? The good news is that you can get all the features you want in a backpack under 50 dollars. Yeah, I said it! We researched and compared the prices and features of so many products on the market to come up with this list of the top 10 outdoor tactical backpacks under 50 dollars.

So keep reading to find out more about these backpacks and where you can find them.


10 Best Tactical Backpack Under $50

Imagine getting the full functionality of a tactical backpack for a price under $50. Unbelievable right? Well, it’s happening right before your eyes, and below are the best tactical backpacks under 50 dollars money can buy.


1. G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack.


The first backpack that makes it to our list is the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack. It’s a small tactical backpack that offers you a portable and lightweight structure and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. From being used as a chest bag, a handbag, or a first aid kit bag, the G4Free outdoor tactical backpack is versatile and suitable for numerous outdoor activities.

Despite its characteristic small size, the bag offers a lot of storage space for small tools that may become very useful in outdoor adventures. At less than $20, the G4Free outdoor tactical backpack is the best tactical backpack you can find for that price, and it offers the best value for money.

2. Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack.


Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack is a good backpack that offers you a lot of space and can be used for hiking and other outdoor activities, all for just under $19. With a large capacity of about 20L, you

can easily pack up all your survival kits, equipment, supplies, food and water, and a few clothes. The backpack is designed to ensure maximum comfort, and it comes with a two-way zipper and a padded cushioned back. Its shoulder straps have pads that help to maximize comfort. If you’re looking for a budget military tactical backpack under 50 dollars, this is just what you need.

3. Reebow Gear Military Tactical Assault Pack.


The Reebow Gear Military Tactical Assault Pack is a slightly bigger backpack with a capacity of about 34L and measuring 11 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches high. This makes it your go-to backpack for a wide range of activities. Whether you’re backpacking for sports activities, camping, adventure, work, or school, the Reebow Gear Military Tactical Assault Pack has got you covered.

The water-resistant backpack guarantees protection for your luggage, and it’s incredibly durable and comfortable to use. It comes with a dedicated hydration bladder that can hold about 2.5 Liters of water as an added feature. Definitely worth being on our list of backpacks under 50.

4. 5.11 Tactical Rush24 Military Backpack.


The 5.11 Tactical Rush24 Military Backpack is among the best tactical military backpacks on the market. The bag features a spacious main compartment, dual zipping side pockets to pack smaller items anda more simple stuff-it pocket with an integrated utility style cord pull.

Because it’s the perfect companion for your outdoor exploration, it has a 37-liter capacity ideal for trekking and hiking long distances. To help you stay hydrated throughout the day, it comes with a zippered side water bottle pocket. It’s water-resistant and has two external compression straps coupled with a yoke shoulder strap system. This makes it extremely comfortable to carry and is capable of serving multiple purposes.

5. Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag.


This beautiful tactical backpack is made from 600D polyester, giving it a very durable and water resistant build. It comes with a free tactical USA flag patch. Having a length of 14 inches, breadth of 11.5 inches, and standing at 6.5 inches tall, the Gowara Gear Tactical Sling Bag is portable enough to be used as an assault backpack for carrying one or two handguns and lots of ammunition.

You’ll find a Velcro in the concealed back compartment of this tactical sling pack, and it has an adjustable single shoulder strap that ensures maximum comfort. It also features double-stitched heavy duty zippers and weighs just 1.81 pounds.

6. Vbiger Military Tactical Backpack.


Here’s another tactical backpack that’s ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities and comes with a massive 35-45 liter capacity. That’s a lot of space for you to pack up everything possible for your adventure. It’s water resistant and is made from high density fabric giving it a strong build.

You can easily adjust the straps of the backpack to suit your needs or completely detach them as you see fit. At just $30, the Vbiger Military Tactical Backpack indeed is worth every penny and provides you with the best outdoor experience money can buy.

7. Monkey Paks Small Military Tactical Backpack.


I know you’re wondering why all the backpacks on the list are military backpacks. That’s simply because the military uses only the best possible items, and the Monkey Paks Small Military Tactical Backpack is among the best available tactical backpacks.

This pack comes with a 2.5 Liter water bladder suitable for carrying water on your hiking trips. Its waterproof material design gives you confidence when exploring the great outdoors on a rainy day, keeping your belongings safe and dry in its five separate spacious compartments. As an added feature, the backpack comes with a paracord zipper pull. All these features are available at just $48.

8. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack.


The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack is a sturdy backpack made using 600D polyester and is larger than most of the other backpacks on the list. It stands at a whopping 18 inches in height and 9.5 inches wide. Regardless of its size, this backpack is very comfortable to carry.

Built using a breathable mesh at the back, it allows for more comfortable carrying sessions, making it ideal fit your regular day-to-day use. It comes with a hydration bladder that will enable you to carry water for long-distance hiking trips. At just $50, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack offers excellent value for money.

9. CVLife Outdoor Tactical Backpack.


The CVLife Outdoor Tactical Backpack is another great tactical backpack that makes its way into our list, not only because of its great price, but it comes with some of the most remarkable features for a


For starters, the CVLife Outdoor Tactical Backpack is built with a great waterproof finish and is comfortable to carry on your shoulders and your hands. It’s made with a heavy duty material (600D nylon). It comes with a 1.5 inches waist belt, 1-inch sternum strap, padded and adjustable shoulder straps that contribute to the overall comfortable experience you get carrying this backpack. At just a little under $24, the CVLife Outdoor Tactical Backpack is a must-have for many lovers of adventure.

10. SOG Ninja.


Here it is, the final tactical backpack under $50 is the SOG Ninja. The ninja part of the name probably has you getting excited, and for a good reason. This backpack has been reviewed by over 766 verified buyers on Amazon and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It has a 2.4 Liter carrying capacity and is water-resistant, which is great for daily commute, hiking, and outdoor exploration. It’s comfortable to carry on your shoulders with padded straps, an adjustable sternum slider, contoured foam back made with breathable material.

Other impressive features of the SOG Ninja include a MOLLE webbing for attaching other optional accessories, and stretchy side pouch for fitting in a water bottle, a hook-and-loop for attaching a flag patch, and a tubing port for the hydration bladder pocket.

What Should You Look For In A Tactical Backpack?

If you’re like most ordinary people, the list above will help you narrow your search for the best tactical backpack under 50 dollars. But how do you know which exact one to choose?

Well, I can’t decide that for you, but I can point you in the right direction. First of all, most of the backpacks have similar features but differ in carrying capacity, design, and style. Some important things to note is that a good tactical backpack will have enough space to include all of the essentials you’d need on a day or overnight trip. As an added feature, some backpacks come with a specially designed front load compression system to help with more efficient space management.

Whether it’s your water bottle, laptop, camera gear, a couple of fresh clean clothes, a flashlight, and a first aid kit, it should also have smaller pockets to hold other essentials like a pen, navigation system, chargers, protein-heavy snacks, and sunglasses.


That concludes our list of the best tactical backpack under 50 dollars. I’m pretty sure you finally made your decision on which backpack to carry along with you on your next big adventure. Whichever you decide to go for, always remember to pack all your essentials and have as much fun as you possibly can.

If you’re still yet to make up your mind and need a little help, don’t hesitate to send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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