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How to Stockpile Food For Survival

Whether you’re a prepper or just a person who wants to be prepared for the worst of emergencies, you’ll want to read this article before the next crisis hits. Please take note that we’re not talking about how much pasta to prepare for dinner. We are concerned with preparing enough

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19 Self-defense Tips That Could Save Your Life

The world can seem a dangerous place, and when you’re alone in the dark, it’s easy to become scared or nervous. But, truthfully, it’s not quite as bad as Hollywood makes out: some simple self-defenses tips could save your life. In this article, I’ll be going over 19 tips that

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24 Disaster Proof Jobs That Will Still Exist After Doomsday

Many people have talked about the skills that are most needed for surviving a post-apocalyptic society: guns, combat training, farming and construction skills. But what if you want to keep your job even after society has collapsed? What kind of jobs are still poised to exist despite everything going wrong?

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11 Useful Skills for Surviving the Apocalypse

Whether it’s a hoard of zombies or the fallout of a nuclear war you need to know what survival skills are necessary for apocalypse survival. This article will help you do just that. We probably still have a little bit of time before SHTF so knowing what skills are needed

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What Vehicles Would Survive An Emp

If you’re preparing to survive an attack or apocalypse of any kind then you will want to have everything sorted, from water to food to shelter to transport. Now, in the case of a war with a foreign nation, it is almost certain that new technologies would be used to

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How Long Does A Gas Mask Filter Last

In terms of prepping, a gas mask is often considered essential gear for survival. But, while most people know that your typical gas mask requires a filter, most people don’t know how long they last, and the elements that break down a gas mask filter more quickly than other agents.

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10 Things You Need to Survive in the Wild

A wise man once said, “Safety doesn’t happen by accident.” To live in a world as dangerous and unpredictable as ours, you always have to be intentional about keeping yourself safe. When given careful thought, you realize that there isn’t such a thing as going overboard when preparing for emergency

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Best Foods to Grow for Survival

Best Foods to Grow for Survival

With everything that is happening around the world today, it’s no longer impossible that the apocalypse might soon happen. Hopefully, it will not be the end of the world yet so that there will still hope for survival. In this note, you might want to consider prepping up already so

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Best Place To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

With all this talk of the end of the world, you may be wondering, if a zombie apocalypse actually happens, where in the world should I go to have the best chances of surviving? Perhaps a secure underground bunker, somewhere with plentiful natural resources to prevent starvation? There are many different choices

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How Do Emergency Blankets Work

How do emergency blankets actually work when SHTF happens? Have you been thinking about going on a wilderness hike? Have you thought about what would happen if you had to spend the night? Do you travel long distances with the fear of breaking down in an area without cell service?

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How Long Would Electricity Last In An Apocalypse

Most of us have lost our electricity for a few hours, days, or even weeks because of a power outage due to accidents, storms or other hazards. It’s unsettling to say the least, but what if the loss of electricity were long term. Have you wondered what would happen to

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Best Food For Doomsday Prepping

It’s good to have an emergency stockpile for an undesirable event like a natural disaster, nuclear war, earthquake or any other apocalypse. An event like one of those mentioned before can imply that you will be stuck in your home for weeks or even months. So it’s best to have

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How To Draw Out Infection From A Bug Bite

Were you recently bitten by a bug? Do you think it might have been infected? What do you do to draw out infection from an infected bug bite? All these and many more questions are probably running through your mind right now about dealing with bug bites and any associated

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Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen?

Could a Zombie Apocalypse Really Happen? Our culture is teeming with stories of zombies roaming the Earth, from Tv shows, comics, movies, to religion. Yet, many people who pay attention to such tales never actually believe it could happen. It is, after all, a fiction of the imagination, right? How

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apocalypse survival guide

Apocalypse Survival: Complete Beginner Guide

Don’t know what and how to prepare when the apocalypse happens? Here is a newbie guide on how to survive when the apocalypse happens; I am not only talking about the zombie apocalypse survival but also how to survive in the various types of apocalypse and disease outbreaks. WHAT EXACTLY

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