9 Non-lethal Self Defense Weapons to Protect Yourself

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Non-lethal self defense weapons will give you the peace of mind necessary to walk freely in this day and age, without fear of being attacked or assaulted by a would-be assailant and fatally injured anyone.

What does “Non lethal Weapon” means

Non-lethal weapons are weapons that are not likely to cause death or severe injury. They include items such as stun guns, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, and pepper spray.


It is not advisable for people to use lethal weapons because they could be prosecuted.

This article is dedicated to introduce the non lethal self defense weapons, which are both effective and easy to use.

The information contained in this article is factual, not opinionated. It is meant for educational purposes only and that you must be aware of your state laws and local ordinances before even attempting any type of self defense with any of these tools.

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays contain the powerful irritant oleoresin capsicum (OC). OC is extremely painful and can accumulate in the eyes causing major damage and even blindness if it is allowed to leak into them. It also causes inflamed mucous membranes, resulting in swelling in the nose and throat. In some cases, it can cause an attacker to suffocate from a lack of oxygen.

Pepper sprays are the most popular non-lethal self defense weapons, and are extremely effective when used properly. The best protection from a spray attack is distance and wind direction.

2. Tactical Pen

Tactical pens pack a powerful punch while being very easy to conceal. Most of these come equipped with glass breakers and a very sharp end, giving you the ability to break through glass windows or even as a self defense weapon.

These are great tools to have while walking at night or even in the middle of the day in a dark alley. Sometimes it is not safe to carry a gun, so this is an alternative that provides great protection without breaking the law.

In many cases, the only way to use the tactical pen is by stabbing an attacker with it. It has been recommended that you do not stab someone in the eyes because this might accidentally kill them.

So be sure before stabbing someone to check for any weapons and make sure they pose no threat whatsoever before doing so–although this should always be your go-to rule of thumb when it comes to self defense regardless of what type of weapon you’re using.

3. Alarm

While alarms can be very loud, it is not recommended as a primary self defense weapon, because the goal of an alarm is to give an alarm and alert any potential witnesses of the crime. They are not usually strong enough to stop an attack on their own, yet they can be combined with other methods, but work well in an emergency situation.

4. Self Defense Keychain

A self defense keychain is great for those who carry their house keys with them at all times. Keychains can pack a punch, and it is always good to have some form of protection when walking alone, especially at night.

Stick the keychain with the ring on it through a coat, slip it into your pocket or backpack, or even wear it around your neck, when getting attacked, Use the pointed end to jab at an attacker’s face, throat, or arm

5. Stun Ring

Stun rings are small, easy to conceal, and easy to use. A stun ring can be used as a normal ring if it is not needed for self defense purposes. It is a small accessory that can be worn on the finger.

The best thing about a stun ring is you can wear it as normal jewellery until you need to use it for self defense purposes.

6. Taser

Tasers work by firing two probes connected to the taser that puncture the clothing of an attacker and attach themselves at high voltage to the attacker’s body. The electrical current is enough to stop just about any attacker, giving you a great chance to escape or call for help.

Tasers are not recommended for use in every situation, and extreme care must be taken when using them. Tasers can also be lethal if used against an individual with a weak heart.

7. Self Defense Stun Gun

Stun guns are designed to be used at close range and are best used against a group of attackers. Electric pulses are fired through a metal tube connected to the stun gun, sending out low voltage pulses that shock attackers by temporarily disrupting their nervous system.

A great option for self defense, but still very dangerous. A stun gun is never recommended for use in an emergency situation, and should only be used as a last resort.

8. Self Defense Flashlight

Flashlights are a great everyday item to carry with you wherever you go. Some people may consider flashlights a self defense weapon, but they are not recommended for use in any situation. You should only use a flashlight if you are left without any other weapons or tools and need to defend yourself.

9. Emergency Whistles

Emergency whistles are a very simple tool that can be used when there is an emergency situation. The whistles give out a high pitched sound that carries through the air, which alerts any potential witnesses of the crime. It also alerts anyone nearby to help you if need be.




What is the most effective non-lethal weapon?

The most effective non-lethal weapon is pepper spray.

A common misconception is that all peppers are hot, which is not the case. There are many varieties of peppers, some spicier than others but all offer a similar outlet for frustration and defense. When someone gets sprayed with pepper spray they experience searing pain and temporary blindness, giving you time to get away. Pepper spray is easy to carry in your pocket or purse and can be used on dogs too!

Another option for a non-lethal weapon would be a taser; however, this has been known to cause fatalities in rare cases where the victim has pre-existing medical conditions or it has been misused by authorities.

Is a Taser a good self defense weapon?

The Taser is a non-lethal weapon which is an alternative to firearms. The Taser emits pulses of high-voltage electricity which prevents the subject from using their muscles and making them collapse. The Taser is not a firearm, a projectile weapon or an energy-based weapon. It is a defensive weapon which is not intended to cause permanent injury.

Self defense accessories are for protection against criminal attack and should be used only in the event of an emergency situation when no other practical course of action exists.

What are the 5 D’s of self defense?

1) Distance

2) Disturbance

3) Deception

4) Denial

5) Disengage

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