How to Poop in the Woods and Maintenance Your Hygiene

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While on a hike or lost in the wild(again), you suddenly realize that you need to poop, and there is no toilet/restroom available. What do you do?

It’s more difficult to poop in the wild than in your normal restroom, and there have a few protocols you should follow to take care of the environment.

Here’s the guide on how to poop in the woods and maintain your hygiene, as well as leave no trace for the place.


Step 1: Check the Availability

Get familiar with that area, check where the restroom locates, ask the guide about the area.

Know the region regulation, in some areas you need to carry your waste, for this situation you need WAG(Waste Alleviation and Gelling) bag.


Step 2: Find a location.

So if unfortunately, there is no modern restroom for you to take care of the business, you need to rely on nature. 

The ideal place should:

-At least 200 feet far from the trail and water. (Approx 70 big steps)

-At least 200 feet far from the campsite.

-Area with less vegetation.

-Nice privacy.

-Area with dark and rich soil help decomposition the waste.

-Enough sunlight, which also helps the decomposition progress.


Step 3: Dig a Cathole

You’ll need a trowel to dig a cat hole, and if you don’t have the trowel with you, you can use a stick or rock you found from the wild.

The hole needs at least 6″ deep and 6″ width, enough to cover your waste afterward and comfortable enough for you to do the business.


Step 4: Pick a Popping Position

Now’s time to pick a “shitting” method; here are the common methods/positions:


The Squat Post

This position is the most common pooping position and requires fewer elements.

Make sure your leg has enough strength when squatting down, pull down your pant to your knees, squat over the hole, and let it go.

Image Source:  How to Poop in the Woods | Part Doo by BackpackingTV


The Pole-Dancer

I believe you already have vivid visually how this method looks like. 

Like the pole dancer, grab or hang on something like a tree, then adjust your squat position to fit your comfort.

The good thing about this method is that it requires less strength on your leg. 


The Throne

Find a tree, lean your back against it, and start the pooping. Keep in mind this method is a bit difficult to dig a hole underneath due to the root from the tree.


Step 5: Cleaning Up

Now you have done your pooping, time to clean up; use the toilet paper or water to wipe your dirty part.

Do not put any wipes in the hole unless they’re special biodegradable wipes; burn them, then throw them inside. 

Anything that is non-biodegradable or non-eco-friendly must be packed it out with you and disposed of properly.

If you didn’t have any whipping item with you, you can use leave, stick or even rock to get the work done, but make sure you identify the leave you are using.


Step 6: Hygiene

There may be no water access for you to clean it up; you can use hand sanitizer.

This is important because germs and infections can spread easily in the wilderness.


Step 7: Cover the Hole

Cover the cathole with the soil.

The dirt will help the waste decompose faster and prevent the animal from digging it up. 


Step 8: Leave No Trace

Don’t forget the leave no trace protocol; you do not want to disturb the natural habitat of the wild; no one likes to see your shit. So take your rubbish with you.  



Good waste management is important in urban areas and the wilderness.  

I know sometimes you have the urge to poop in the middle of the wild, but at least remember to take care the nature.

If you do this, the environment will not be destroyed; you and other people have a great experience in the wilderness.

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