How To Know If Food Is Spoiled

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There are three signs you should be careful of when it comes to your food:

1. If it looks rotten, don’t eat it;

2. If it smells rotten, don’t eat it;

3. If it tastes rotten, don’t eat it.


How can you tell if food has gone bad?

There are a few signs you should be careful of…

The Food color changed/discolored

When the food’s color is different from when it just cooked, there’s a good chance it has spoiled.

This is one of the most common ways people check to see if their food is done.

However, this doesn’t guarantee the food is spoiled, but better just get rip of it because the nutrition is gone and you could be getting sick.


The Food Become Slime

like When you cook chicken or meat or fish or whatever, it usually turns from being a nice juicy pink to a darker red color as it gets cooked.

However, once it gets dark red or even purple, that means it has reached the point of becoming a “slime-like” consistency and is full of decay.

This means all the good stuff has been destroyed and you should throw it away.



Spore Growth is visible on the surface of food. Once you see any signs of mold, it’s time to throw it out. Many types of mold can cause very serious health problems.

Common happen on fruits, vegetables, and breads.


Bad Odors

Bad smells are one of the signs you can sense from a distance to know the food going bad.

A rotten egg smell is a dead give away.

Some types of spoilage will not have an obvious smell until much later when the toxins start to seep into your body.

That’s why it’s so important to know the other signs of spoilage.


Texture changed

Fruits and vegetables especially are subject to this kind of change. If they get soft, mushy, or start to look or feel different than when you bought them, toss ‘em and get yourself some new ones.


Package Damage

Food that has been exposed to heat or light can get damage that makes it look like it has been chewed on or damaged by animals.


In conclusion, food that looks/smell/tastes rotten should be removed from your diet immediately.

This is because the germs on or in the food have the potential to make you very ill.

If you are unsure about the safety of the food you are about to eat, it’s best to toss it out and get yourself some new food. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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